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Mission and Core Values

The Founding Attorneys of Rosenberg Yudin, LLP have created a firm that is:

Boldly selective in bringing together and hiring the best, brightest and proven legal talent in workers compensation law, who all share in and are committed to the same core values:


     1) To provide legal services that align with and respect clients' business objectives and values.


     2) To obtain the best possible results for clients by working together to develop a clear strategy by collaborating within the firm to harness the best possible ideas, and by executing on strategy with integrity.


     3) To uphold our belief that it is most important for the firm to be comprised of highly qualified attorneys that can skillfully manage time and attention to client needs. 


     4) To create a firm built on genuine respect and longstanding relationships among attorneys and staff, with an eye towards mentoring and growing legal talent from within the firm.


     5) To implement an appropriate and effective use of technology to better connect attorneys, staff, and clients, which allows our attorneys to be responsive to clients' needs from any location, with less paper, and to pass on cost savings to our clients.


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